1. Why techno? Tell us a bit about your creative path. As a kid I was fascinated by music with strong rhythms. That’s why I started playing the drums...
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Interview with German producer and DJ - Introversion

1. Why techno? Tell us a bit about your creative path. 

As a kid I was fascinated by music with strong rhythms. That’s why I started playing the drums when I was 7 years old. I used to love metal and rock music but also trance and eurodance stuff. Just a few years later my brother introduced me to the music of The Prodigy and from there on I knew that I wanted to start making my own music.

2. Describe your sound for someone who hasn’t heard your music before.

Pretty hard to describe my style as I always try to do make different stuff. My main focus lies on the drumming, that’s why I can spend hours on just a few breakbeats and hi-hat grooves. The sound design of my music is a very important aspect as well. Nothing should sound like it’s coming straight out of ableton without any processing on it. And I would be lying to say that melodies and atmospheric sounds wouldn’t be important, too. Hardwax describes my sound as “Anthemic big room Techno pounders”.

3. How did you meet Remco Beekwilder? What motivated you to release your latest EP on EMERALD?

Remco got in touch with me when he listened to a podcast I did back in 2017. He asked for the ID of my track “Call To Adventure”. We kept in touch and I sent him stuff every now and then, so he asked me for a release on his imprint and I was very motivated to produce tracks that are harder than my usual stuff. The first time we met in person was when he made his Berghain debut in 2018. We got along very well immediately.

4. From where you’re standing, how would you describe the techno scene today?

The scene is really commercial nowadays and you have to be very active on social media. However,  there is much more variation in styles and you don’t have to fit in one genre exclusively.

5. As one of the faces of the new wave of techno, what do you think the future holds for this genre?

I think it starts to get harder to recognize because there are so many talented young producers and DJ’s around. It’s way easier to learn making music which is great. Everybody can start producing stuff on their computer at home. What really separates big upcoming artists from the rest will be the quality of the output they’re doing.

6. What was the wildest/most memorable night you’ve ever had while performing?

That was the “Seelen Nacht” at “Institut fuer Zukunft” in Leipzig, Germany I played on 14th of June 2019. Everything was on point: The soundsystem, the crew, the club and the power from the crowd. Even though I had bad headaches that night it was one for the books!

7. Give us your top 3 tracks: one for the morning, one for the peak time, and one for the closure of the party.

Morning/Opening: Abdulla Rashim - Asayita 3

Peak Time: Pyramidal Decode - Recoil

Closing: Funeral Future - Heute Nicht

8. What kind of music do you listen to when you are alone at home?

I listen to a lot of Metal like System of a Down or Rammstein. But also to stuff like Moderat and Burial. Sometimes I love to listen to German battle rap with old school beats, that’s where I get a lot of inspiration from  for my breakbeats.

9. What kind of set are you preparing for Revolution? What should we get ready for?

Since I am playing a b2b session with my mate “Verschwender”, it will be a pretty fast and rough but also hypnotic and melodic set. He is one of my best friends and I always enjoy spending time with him, especially in the DJ booth. So you can prepare yourself for a driving set with lots of different influences from DnB to Trance and oldschool Techno.




Interview with of the UK’s top Psy Trance artists - Nikki S

  1. When did you start going to parties? Can you remember your first psytrance party? If so, what was it like?

I fell in love with the rave scene at the end of the 90s. The big wow moment for me was seeing Prodigy Live in ‘96. Experiencing the tracks from Jilted Generation, Experience & Fat of the Land Live on a monster sound system literally blew my mind. The acid line from ‘Their Law’ was burnt into my brain and I couldn’t get it out for weeks... I was hooked on acid sounds from that moment onwards!!

I moved to London in ‘99 and started making big events for 1500-2000 people, ran record labels and managed some big name artists. The events had mega production - visual screens, lasers, balloon drops, glitter drops, fireworks and dancers in cages. It was pretty wild and the energy was through the roof.

In 2005 I went to Sonic Festival in Italy. This was a really special festival. It was the first Sonica, the attendance was huge, the stage & sound were mind-blowing, the location & weather were perfect, and the modern sound of psy trance was emerging. The lineup was stacked with amazing artists and their hottest productions, all of whom were just about to explode. By the way, some of them are the biggest acts in the scene today.

After 4 incredible days of the most mind-blowing music and vibes, Tristan came on to play the closing set - 1 hour Live & 2 hours DJ. He came on as fresh as a daisy with the coolest grooves in town, and was dancing about as much as the people on the dance floor. That was definitely a key and influential moment.

  1. You started DJing in 2005. What are your thoughts on the current psychedelic scene and community? How are they progressing?

The psytrance scene and the music has evolved, diversified and done loops on itself a number of times over the years. Festivals like Boom, VooV, Psychedelic Circus, Rainbow Serpent, Universo Paralelo & co have been running for 20-25 years with more great young festivals and events popping up all the time. The global festival community is as strong as ever and I think this is because it’s founded on strong culture, open to all ages, races, religions and not just limited to a hedonistic short lived party life.

From a musical perspective, the ‘big boys’ and scene leaders like Astrix, Ace Ventura, Tristan, Ajja, Avalon, Dickster, EVP (& so many more!!) just seem to keep on getting better and better. They keep pushing boundaries and leading the way on productions and don’t sell out. It’s so inspiring!!

  1. Looking back at your musical history, what do you see as your biggest achievements so far and why?

When I started producing it was my dream to release on Alchemy Records, as it was my favorite label with albums like Sonic Species ‘Unleash The Beat’ and Burn In Noise ‘Beyond Known Space’ & ‘Passing Clouds’ which were big influences on me wanting to learn to produce.

Releasing my solo artist album ‘Frequency of Space’ on Alchemy Records was definitely a big achievement and goal that I had set. I had only just started producing and decided if I was going to do it I would do it 100% or not at all. Most people told me I was crazy to dive right into making an album, but I am happy that I went with my instincts and put in the hard work. It was the right path for me.

I am also very happy that ‘Experts’ was well received, reading No. 1 and staying in the Top 10 on Beatport for a couple of weeks.

  1. What are your current/future projects, what should your fans be looking forward to?

I’ve got an absolutely killer track ‘Towards The Light’ that I made in collaboration with Disorder which came out on the 17th of June on Alchemy Records. I am super happy with this release as Eric Disorder has added some seriously full power Mexican magic to this track and it properly blasts!!  Also, it has already reached No.8 in the Psytrance Top 100, alongside some of my favorite artists! What an absolute honour!

I’m also working on a couple of tasty new tracks that I’ll be testing out at Revolution Festival and planning album No. 2.

  1. What would be your absolute dream collaboration?

Xerox or Faders.

Xerox has been my favorite psy trance producer since 2005. His tracks are still my number one and feature heavily in my DJ sets. He is the sweetest guy ever. Faders sound and productions are off the hook. He puts the right energy and balance of psy together with elements of euphoria.

I would also love to collaborate with my very good friend Jay aka Journey OM. His sets are killa. Super vibes and energy!! And he’s also one of my favorite dance floor & party buddies!!


  1. You are a part of the Alchemy Records family. How did the relationship come about?

I met Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records founder) in 2010 after sending him a couple of demo tracks. He saw potential in the tracks, gave some great feedback and encouragement. Over the following years my friendship with Shane grew as I was booking him and other Alchemy artists like Sonic Species and Burn In Noise to play at Astral Circus in London, and starting to play on a lot of the same line ups. It also helped that Shane lived only 10 minutes down the road. He and his girlfriend were always fantastic hosts for dinners and summer BBQ. They were always up for a good party, good food, and talking about tunes. Shane has always had his finger on the pulse and been very strong on finding and promoting new artists. He launched the career and first releases of many of the top name artists in the scene. I was very fortunate that he tried and tested all of my album tracks on big festival dance floors, spent time in the studio with me when it came to the final mix downs and released my album alongside some of my biggest influences and inspirations like Sonic Species & Burn In Noise.

  1. What makes a good record label?

There are the obvious things like good marketing, promotion, organization, consistency and already having a strong fan base in a number of countries all around the world. But having run labels, managed artists and now releasing tracks myself I think the most important thing is that the label and artist are a good match musically. For me it is also very important that you have a good communication and get along with the label manager. Alchemy Records got a new label boss last year, Kezza Brown (aka Razzek), who is absolutely brilliant. He has stepped things up a gear and is certainly pushing things forward!

  1. Other than music, what are your passions in life?

Travelling, eating and getting on the dance floor with my friends. It puts the biggest smile on my face!

  1. Finally, a truly spiritual question: coffee or tea?

Oh. That actually is a very tough question! I love a good coffee. It’s essential some days!! But you can’t beat a good cup of English tea to sooth the soul.


Meet Nikki S on Saturday from 23:30 to 01:00 on Sun Stage



Festival workshops and activities

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Location of Revolution Festival: Antalakaja, Baltieji Lakajai

Let us reveal some more hidden gems of the Revolution Festival 2019 location.

Event: http://bit.ly/RevolutionFestivalLT

05-07 July
📍Antalakaja, Baltieji Lakajai



Interview with King Yoof and Natty Campbell from Chopstick Dubplate

Natty, Alex, welcome to Revolution Festival 2019! We are extremely excited to have you.  

Thank you for having us we look forward to the show!


When and how did you two join Chopstick Dubplate collective?


King Yoof: Back in 2013 Jacky Murda recorded the Mr Williamz album (Murda we charge for) at my old studio in London and from then on i had worked on various Chopstick productions and was ask to join the team.


Natty Campbell recently joined in late 2017 when Chopstick Dubplate did a show at Reggae Roast in London and Natty jumped on the microphone and from then on got asked to play more and more Chopstick shows and now the front man for the team.


Tell us a little about your backgrounds as individual artists. What does each of you bring to the table at Chopstick Dubplate?


King Yoof:I’ve been producing various bass influenced music since the 90's and have a big London following and respected by my pears, I've grown up around sound system culture and bring that vibe to Chopstick dub plate... Growing up in Lewisham,S.E. London which was mainly Irish and Jamaican people has taught me so much about real authentic reggae/jungle music. London people are the hardest crowds to perform in front off and I've always managed to do well and so i like to bring that vibe when i travel.  In the studio i like to think i bring a fresh modern take on the Chopstick sound and working with the others in the team is always a good mix of the traditional Chopstick sound and new.


Natty Campbell: Jungle music has always been dominated by the original pioneers MC's such as Moose,Ragga Twins,Stevie Hyper D,Demolition Man,Navigator who have all come from a Reggae sound system background and so i feel I'm the new generation coming through who bring that authentic ragga jungle vibes.Since joining Chopstick I've recorded a single for the Chase & Status album and championed by various DJs such as Uncle Dugs and so the support has been humbling.


While fusing Reggae, Dub, Jungle, Bass… How do you manage to achieve the kind of organic flow that is signature to Chopstick Dubplate’s sound?


King Yoof:Chopstick has very distinctive sound and growing up around real reggae and jungle music i found it very easy to produce the music and bring my own twist to the team. the last single "Give me a dub plate" i had written over 5 years ago with the Ragga Twins/Bunny Lye Lye and featured on the King Yoof dub plate mixtape on Chopstick , we just updated it with a new mix down and it sounded fresh for 2019, its very natural for me to produce this sound.


Has being a part of Chopstick Dubplate collective influenced your own styles and performances?


Yeah it does influence us all i would say, even if we perform individually we all represent that Chopstick sound.


Why do you think it’s important to preserve Jamaican sound system classics and show them to new generations?


All this music stems from Jamaica, the first remix, the first drum and bass tune, the first mc and dj etc etc and so its important to educate the younger generation otherwise we will lose the original culture. Chopstick has that respect with in the real sound community , as much as we are a jungle sound system we are very much respected in JA because of our works.


What is the motto of your life?


Life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves


What flavour of Jungle Tacos are you planning to serve us in Revolution? :)


We will be serving up only the finest XXL Super Hot Dub Plate specials on the night so make sure to bring the fire brigade as its gonna be a scorcher!




Revolution 2019 is looking for RevoVolunteers

Revolution 2019 is looking for RevoVolunteers! If you love people and music, are an accountable, positive, proactive and friendly human being with a problem-solving mentality, volunteering at Revolution Festival 2019 will be a highlight of your summer. Become a part of Revolution ecosystem, get to know the inner workings of the open-air and see this year’s performers as a part of our amazing team. 

Apply here: http://bit.ly/RevoVolunteers

Questions? Write: vaiva@revolutionfestival.lt


Photographers and video makers wanted

Pics or it didn’t happen:)) Revolution Festival 2019 is looking for photographers/videographers. Ready to transfer their Revolution experience into beautiful shots on 5-7 July?
Apply for your media accreditation here: http://bit.ly/PicsRevo


An interview with the magical psytrance artist Dj Cubixx

We know you have been playing techno music earlier, do you still have some connections with it?

I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and so was deeply influenced by the growing Electronic genre boom that emerged after the wall broke down. I bought my first vinyl when I was just 16 - it was Cosmic Baby. I was absolutely fascinated with the new sounds, especially the ones that came from trance and techno labels like Eye Q and Hard House Records. I began mixing in 1993 and practised like a maniac for 2 years! After that I could virtually mix in my sleep so decided it was time to take my skills from the home to the dancefloor and I began performing all over Germany with new techno sounds. Then in 1999 my son was born & I decided it was time for me to be a good boy. But that didn’t work out, and in 2001 I attended an amazing festival called Fusion which infected me with Psy-Trance & I’ve never looked back! However, I never stopped listening to Techno music & have kept loving it. In fact that’s why we decided to start up our sister label Iono Black. Which is dedicated to the more deeper side of music with a lower bpm.

As a veteran of the Psy-trance music scene, tell us how did it progress ? And what is its future?

The psy-trance scene has definitely grown much bigger over the years. It’s also got a bit more commercial. This has can have good and bad sides, as commercial means less underground so the scene can lose part of its spirit and vibe. But on the other hand commercial can be good as it means less people may be ripping the music for free etc and so we can all get paid for the work we do and keep going longer! As for the future - who knows?! Lols! There’s lots of exciting acts and parties happening so I think the future’s looking good.

We know you are German, so tell us more about the Psy-trance scene in Germany. How does it looks like compared with other countries?

The Psy-trance scene is actually now a lot bigger in Germany then it was. There are loads of parties and festivals going on. The only thing is that the Summer season is pretty short so a lot of the festivals are happening around the same time and all the big ones are packed into two month! Lols! The good thing about Germany is that at least we seem to have more freedom and less government regulations then a lot of countries. The police let us get on with it and no one cares what you do.

 We know you are the owner of IONO label. What inspired you to create it?

Music was the main reason - my love of music. I also had my own project going and wanted my own outlet on which to release stuff. Plus my motivation was that I wanted to keep progressive trance alive. Iboga moved to progressive house for a while and people were still yearning to hear progressive Psy-trance, so I bought many tracks from them as they stated they didn’t want to go in that direction any more, and Iono Music took off in a big way.

What is the best festival or other event you took part in? What was so unique about it?

Oh there are sooo many! I guess my best one would have to be Tribal Gathering in Panama. It’s in such a beautiful location with really beautiful people and has a real conservation spirit going on there which I love. It’s a real pleasure to play there and be part of it. 

How much time do you need to solve the Rubic‘s cube?

Hahaaa! Ummm… that really depends on how much energy I have! Lols… maybe one night? It can vary, depending on mood etc…

What motivates you to go forward and doesn‘t let you to stop?

Music! Really music! My love and undying passion for the music! Hearing, making and playing good music really doesn’t allow me to stop you know.

Tell us a bit more about yourself – how the real Dj Cubixx looks like when he is not on the scene? What are your other hobbies?

At the moment I really have no time for anything else other then music! I used to love doing visual effects for film and movies. I studied this and did it also as a hobby but gave it all up for Iono. Sometime I miss this due to lack of time… but hey, I love what I do.

What is the motto of your life?

It would be to keep going - no matter what.  You can be disappointed but keep going - don’t disappear. Keep pushing forward with baby steps.

What are your future plans and aims with psy trance music?

My plans are to keep going - to keep it all going.  Running the label, keeping it fresh, keep playing out and of course to keep making music.  I am really happy with my Mindbenderz project and am looking forward to our album release which is scheduled for  the end of August - beginning of September - so watch out for it!




An interview with the king of Hardcore – Detest

What is your story – how did you start your musical journey? 

I used to make music since i was a young teenager. I play guitar. And I used to love the impact of hard aggressive fast music already when I was a child. Hardcore gives me an opportunity to live a part of my musical development.

What is the meaning of your pseudonym – Detest? 

Before i released my first EP on Strike Rec. the label boss forced me to find an English name for having a better international impact. Finally some of my friends and me had a brainstorming drunk and then the name was born.

We know that you have visited almost every famous hard music festivals. Which of them was the most memorable for you and why? 

Well that’s a pretty tough question. I would say that I really like the festivals with mixed kinds of music. Also the festivals where the promoters have an idea about decoration, look, attitude. PRPSCT XL, Balter Festival, Boomtown, Defqon 1 are some totally nice and also different examples.

Everyone can notice that your music is really different – sometimes it is so dark, sometimes full of positive vibes. What determines what it will be?

Yes, I‘m happy and you can recognize that because that‘s my musical expression and it will not change. It‘s like my private taste of music has a huge range from Extrem metal over classical music to Ska and Jazz. I need to have a big range also in my productions.

What inspires you to create?

Mostly other music genres. They give me power ideas back for turn it in to a Hardcore track.

Also emotions in all ways and of course other producers. 

What song, album or other piece of music means the most to you? Why? 

Behemoth - The Satanist LP gave me a huge support in my darkest time in my life. People don‘t understand how Black / Death Metal can gives you support and positive vibes. But it‘s damn possible.

Could you share some unexpected and interesting experience which happened in your musical journey? 

There are so many crazy funny stories and all of them full of details. Once i had a NYE gig and it was damn cold. I was the headliner and we had a 2 1/2 hour car drive from the Hotel to the Club. Because of a lack of communication (agency promoter..) I had to lay the way back finally in the trunk of the car. Felt like a Mafia corpse.

Tell us a bit more about yourself – how the real Detest looks like when he is not on the scene? What are your other hobbies?

I love visiting concerts, playing guitar, exploring new music, traveling, enjoying good weather and beer.

What is the motto of your life?

It‘s not a bold or odd one. Enjoy your life, you just have one.



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A ticket hunt begins. 4 tickets for the price of 3!

A ticket hunt begins. 4 tickets for the price of 3! It is much more fun to hunt the sounds of jungle at Revolution Festival 2018 II Electronic music festival with the squad!

Tickets: https://goo.gl/taqKZr


Jungle ruler General Levy returns to Lithuania: "Jungle is massive" will sound at Revolution Festival 2018

The world-class "urban" music star, General Levy, arrives in Lithuania - the fifth yearly electronic music festival "Revolution Festival" starts its list of performers with exciting news.

"General Levy's "booyaka" is on the loop in the hearts of each jungle music lover. It's probably impossible not to find an incredible song by this artist, that happens to appear on top of the world's listings and is used in the films Ali G Indahouse and Seuls Two. 

Last year's challenges have become a huge stimulus for moving forward - we are pleased to announce that this year's festival will be attended by a well-known performer" - say the organisers of the festival.

Although General Levy visited Lithuania only once 7 years ago, it's really not necessary to introduce him with long descriptions.

Tearing energy, charisma and great vocals are the features that helped General Levy conquer millions of hearts and ears around the world. The artist's musical knowledge and journey began in London, growing between Asian and West Indian Asian communities. They made a huge impact on his musical taste, and at the age of 20 he was featured in the most famous and influential UK music studios and released his first album Double Trouble in 1991.

Incredible, the world-famous General Levy, has not only won the top position at the United Kingdom's most popular song list, but also gave the artist the name of the Reggae Legend.

Twenty years after the release of this piece of work, the phrase "Jungle is massive" has constantly been escalated throughout the world and has become a kind of slogan for the fans of this music.

This summer, "Jungle is massive" will also be played by General Levy in Lithuania. A combination of energy and positivity throughout the performance will amuse everyone on the dance floor.